Welcome to my journey as a Technical Artist!

Using a system of render textures and custom shaders, I created an effective solution to drive dynamic interaction with a large water surface.
Effects like the foam are dynamic, handled procedurally but efficiently in the ocean shader. Behind the scenes, there is a data-driven approach meaning any specific effect can be defined once and used repeatedly with ease.

vOcean - A flexible Ocean solution for Unity

Purpose-built for an enticing naval game called Into the Fray. This Ocean system was designed to handle a large open world full of adventure!

vOcean features efficient tessellation displacement, procedural foam, interactive surface dynamics, advanced depth effects, sub-surface scattering, real-time reflections and more!

Internally, many parameters are exposed. This allows artists to create anything from a calm shallow bay, to a deep stormy sea.

Vegetation & Rendering

in Unity 3D

Apart from some of the darker rocks in the background, I created everything in this scene as part of a graphics experiment in Unity.

I worked with real-time lighting, and  experimented with various techniques for producing realistic vegetation and rock formations. Additionally, I wrote multiple custom shaders to handle elements such as the water and wind on the leaves.

Virtual Mayan Stage

      This virtual stage was designed to be projected onto a physical stage to support a live performance.

      Multiple reactive elements were set up to supplement the performance. The temple's shader, white particles, and fill light all react dynamically to input audio.

      Additionally, the stage can be swapped out at the press of a button. The change is facilitated by a smooth shader-based transition effect, with no interruption to the rest of the stage.

Memorial Trees

Forest Level Overhaul

      My client had a level designer walk off the job, leaving a central game level horribly incomplete.

      The level needed a bit of reimagining. The terrain, major landmarks and level boundaries were all rebuilt to better fit the client's vision.

      Vegetation was redone with Vegetation Studio, and older post-processing scripts were replaced with Unity's Post Processing Stack V2. These changes raised the visual bar drastically, and fixed numerous other issues.